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Convening regularly on Zoom, stakeholders from the Hollywood community come together to discuss important issues, keep apprised of local and regional policy measures, and find ways to address gaps in service provision.

Become a PAID MEMBER and help sustain the mission of Hollywood 4WRD. Individual, organizational, and scholarship memberships are available.

H4WRD members at 6/13 Special Event at the W Hollywood

Membership Benefits

H4WRD membership supports all of our operations and enables us to better support our partners. In addition, H4WRD members receive the benefits below:

Become a member

Become a Helper

Help shape and participate in volunteer opportunities (e.g., homeless count)

Join the Conversation

Join H4WRD’s bi-monthly meetings and contribute meaningfully to innovative, cutting-edge solutions to homelessness in Hollywood

Member Events

Engage with speakers and key stakeholders moving the needle at quarterly H4WRD Member Events View Past Events

Get Educated

Receive weekly updates on the latest resources and information to help address homelessness in Hollywood 

All Access

Gain access to H4WRD’s Executive Director and Board leadership for in-depth, one-on-one conversations

Hollywood 2.0

Participate in Hollywood 2.0 (H20) community engagement efforts while working directly with LAC Dept. of Mental Health

Funding Opportunities

Learn about available grants and other funding opportunities available to service providers


Connect with leaders in the community and learn how to advocate more effectively to improve the lives of Hollywood’s unhoused population

Who’s Involved

A diverse range of Hollywood stakeholders participate, including:

  • Service Providers
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Neighborhood Councils
  • Government Representatives
  • Faith Organizations
  • Healthcare Organizations
  • Businesses and Residents

Many of the stakeholders have been involved in Hollywood 4WRD from the beginning and others are new to the grassroots coalition. We welcome you to join us and find out more!


Founding Board Members

Louis Abramson

Heather Carmichael

Mario Ceballos

Stephen Fiechter

Rana Ghadban

Angela La Riva

Kristopher Larson

Kerry Morrison

Arnali Ray

Nathan Sheets

Natalie Teear


Paid Member Organizations


Current Individual Members

Moira A Kelly

Nicole Abeckett

Louis Abramson

Joy Agner

Elizabeth Anderson

Steven Angel

Paul Asplund

Jill Bauman

Elvina Beck

Catherine Bewley

Jeff Briggs

Carla Briscoe

Jason Brown

Heldevam Pereira Campos, Jr.

Heather Carmichael

Richard Corral

Pamela Crenshaw

Kathleen Crowley

Chancelor Cruz

Josh Decell

Pietro D'Ingillo

Andrea Daniels

Jen Dungca

Sarah Dusseault

Margaret Ecker

Helen Eigenberg

Nicole Farley-Johnson

Stephen Fiechter

Brian Folb

Jeffrey Fuentes

David Gajda

Michael Gargano

Gary Gilbert

Elana Golan

Charlotte Gordon

David Gordon

Jennifer Christian-Herman

Julie Hudman

Erika Ismailyan

Jenny Ivanova

Jeff Janger

Paul Jenkins

Keith Johnson

Brian Kohan

Jennifer Levin

Jeff Loeb

Jeremy Martinez

Scott Meyers

Theresa Meyers

Jeffrey Moghavem

Kerry Morrison

Robert Morrison

Brett Nevara

Gordon Pelavin

Corri Planck

Amie Quigley

Vanessa Ramos

Naomi Ramsey

Tom Rubinson

Zachary Ryan

Janice Seol

Julian Stern

Linda Strassle

Devin Strecker

Justin Szlasa

Lori Taffet

Noah Tashbook

Natalie Teear

Troy Thomas

Jennifer Vanore

Douglas Walker

Jacqueline Welsh

Barbara Wilson

Caprice Young

George Yu

Donate to Hollywood 4WRD

Donate to Hollywood 4WRD

For those who aren't ready to become H4WRD members but still want to contribute to our important mission, you can make a one-time donation below. We're grateful for your generosity!


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