Hollywood entities and services

Community Support

Hollywood 4WRD is proud to serve as the hub that helps Hollywood’s unhoused population. Whether in crisis or simply concern, you’ll find the help for homelessness you’re looking for here.

The resources in this section represent a cross-section of the incredible service providers who make up the Hollywood 4WRD team. The comprehensive list below serves as an overview of the wide range of support H4WRD offers our community.

NOTE: H4WRD has also created a Homelessness Help Sheet (see image above), a one-page compendium of the most commonly requested resources in Hollywood. We encourage you to download the DIGITAL VERSION for easier sharing and click-able links, or the PRINT VERSION to hang on an office fridge or community bulletin board near you!

H4WRD’s staff and Board of Directors enjoy an outing in the heart of Hollywood