Hollywood 4WRD Releases Its Revised 2024 FAQ

Hollywood 4WRD Releases Its Revised 2024 FAQ

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DATELINE: Hollywood, CA (March 13, 2024)

One year after the creation and distribution of its first FAQ document, Hollywood 4WRD (H4WRD) has released the 2024 Revised Edition, featuring over 30 brand new pages of additional resources and information.

H4WRD’s original FAQ, which totaled 72 pages, quickly came to be known as “The Handbook on Homelessness in Hollywood” because of how extensively it covered the wide range of issues, concerns, and questions community members had about the challenging topic of homelessness. 

The2024 revised edition of H4WRD’s FAQ offers more of the same. Much more, in fact, now clocking in at a comprehensive 108 pages. Many of the revisions were necessary to address the many rules, regulations and laws surrounding homelessness in Hollywood that have been updated in the past year.

"Basically, if you care about homelessness in Hollywood, H4WRD's revised 2024 FAQ is for you."

Much of the 2024 Revised FAQ's new information can be found in the heavily updated sections below:

  • General Discussion of Homelessness
  • Current Rules Adopted by the City of LA Relevant to Persons Experiencing Homelessness
  • How are the Hollywood Sidewalks Kept Clean?
  • What are the Alternatives to Living on the Streets?
  • What is the Process in Hollywood of helping someone move from Living on the Streets to a Better Situation?
From H4WRD’s 2023 FAQ
From H4WRD’s Revised 2024 FAQ

In addition to the many revisions  required because of updated data or laws – ie., regarding emergency actions, types of available Interim Housing, and percentages of persons experiencing homelessness who also suffer from substance use disorder and/or serious mental illness – other sections of the FAQ required drafting from scratch to reflect new rules and initiatives that were enacted in the past year.

Readers of H4WRD’s 2024 Revised FAQ will thus be treated to entirely new material on a range of topics, including:

  • The Care Court System
  • Hollywood 2.0
  • Amendments to Conservatorship laws
  • Inside Safe

As with the original edition of the FAQ, this version was spearheaded by H4WRDBoard member, Dave Gordon. Dave is a longtime resident and business owner inHollywood, and has cared deeply about the issue of homelessness for many decades now. As such, he brought to the table invaluable insights, perspective, and diligence, first to the creation of the FAQ last year, and now to the formidable task of its revision.

Dave Gordon on H4WRD's About Us page

“Naturally, as soon as we released last year’s FAQ,” Dave explains, “the Mayor announced LA’s first emergency action regarding homelessness. I started working on the revision almost immediately thereafter.”

For Dave, the process of revising an already extensive document required long hours of research, phone calls, zoom meetings, innumerable drafts, and countless emails. He drew upon the expertise of fellow Board members and numerous persons in the governmental and nonprofit sector involved in the fight against homelessness. But the immense effort was worth it, because the finished product is truly a unique asset that the Hollywood community has needed for a long time.

Dave saw an opportunity with the FAQ, and its subsequent revision, to create this much-needed resource. “For as long as I’ve lived and worked in Hollywood, my friends, neighbors and associates have been concerned about homelessness. But no one knew where to turn for answers or any type of clarity around this very thorny issue.”

As Dave describes the the origins of the FAQ, it's clear this document was written for concerned community members by one of their own:

“I wrote the FAQ from the perspective of the concerned non-expert who is looking for impartial data on the wide variety of issues implicated by the homelessness crisis, ranging from the factors that have triggered the explosion in homelessness to the various laws pertinent to homelessness to the different types of services and housing available to persons experiencing homelessness. To my amazement, there was no single document in existence providing this type of broad overview, so it seemed well worth the trouble to spearhead the effort to put one together.”

Indeed, H4WRD’s 2024 FAQ contains answers and clarity for the wide range of stakeholders in our community. Dave’s hope is that copies of this FAQ will find its way onto the desks of everyone from County officials, supervisors and council members, to Faith-based organizations, service providers, residents, and business owners.

“Basically," Dave adds. "If you care about homelessness in Hollywood, H4WRD’s 2024 FAQ is for you.”

And yes, he has already begun working on the 2025 revision.


NOTE: H4WRD freely grants permission to post our FAQ resource on your website, or to share with your networks as widely as possible. To request a presentation on how our FAQ can be most useful to you and your organization, please contact us at Info@Hollywood4WRD.org.

Additionally, we encourage community members to contact us with suggestions about anything they would like to see more (or less) of in future editions. H4WRD’s FAQ is an evolving document which we intend to update as often as needed.