Hollywood 4WRD's Homelessness Help Sheet

Hollywood 4WRD's Homelessness Help Sheet

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DATELINE: Hollywood, CA (January 12th, 2024)

Hollywood 4WRD has now released its Homelessness Help Sheet, a one-page compendium of vital numbers and websites covering the range of homelessness services in Hollywood, all in a handy at-a-glance format.

The sheet was created in response to community members’ repeated requests for a resource that offered: Answers to the most commonly asked questions about homelessness in HollywoodEasy access to the services available for a range of homelessness-related concerns

We’re grateful to the many stakeholders in the H4WRD community – including residents, providers, business owners, and city officials – who played a critical consulting role in the development of this valuable new community resource.

The Help Sheet is available in both a digital format, with clickable links for email distribution (and posting online), and also in print format for use in your office or business space.

As with H4WRD’s FAQ: Handbook on Homelessness in Hollywood, the Homelessness Help Sheet is offered with the encouragement to distribute widely to any and all it may benefit. We hope it finds its way onto an office fridge or community bulletin board near you!

For those looking for a more in-depth, comprehensive list of homelessness service providers, please review H4WRD’s FAQ, which includes a final section on: Hollywood’s Helpers: Entities Providing Homelessness Services in Hollywood.

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