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Grand Opening of The Hollywood Partnership’s Community Dispatch Center

Grand Opening of The Hollywood Partnership’s Community Dispatch Center

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The Hollywood 4WRD team was out in full force last night, joined by a large crowd of Hollywood community members, to celebrate the grand opening of Hollywood’s new Community Dispatch Center, operated by our partners at The Hollywood Partnership. Also on hand to lend their voices of support were the recently elected Hugo Soto-Martinez from Council District 13, and Lindsey Horvath, serving on LA County’s Board of Supervisors for CD 3.

In her opening remarks, The Partnership’s Executive Director (and H4WRD board member), Kathleen Rawson told the assembled crowd how excited she was that the Community Dispatch Center would provide a great new resource for a community that needed it badly.

"The Hollywood Partnership is steadfast in its commitment to enhancing the quality of life in Hollywood by creating a safer, healthier, and more vibrant neighborhood. At the heart of this initiative is the Hollywood Partnership Community Dispatch Center, which serves as a central hub for a wide range of resources aimed at tackling public issues in a comprehensive and impactful manner," said Kathlen Rawson, President and CEO of the Hollywood Partnership.  

"By pooling our resources and working collaboratively with various local agencies and services, we can make a significant impact on some of the most pressing issues in our community,” Rawson continued. “Whether it's providing essential safety and cleaning services or engaging in outreach and advocacy efforts, we can achieve much more by working together.”

The Dispatch Center is located at 6562 Hollywood Boulevard, in the heart of Hollywood, and will be accessible seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Residents, businesses, and visitors will be able to access dispatchers "on demand" to request assistance by calling or texting just one number, 567-HLY-WOOD (459-9663), or by submitting a service request

The Dispatch Center’s friendly dispatchers will be on hand to take calls for service and deploy staff as needed. Their team is staffed with experienced, trained professionals, including a street outreach team from Urban Alchemy, who can help community members with a variety of issues, including:

  • Homelessness: The center can connect persons experiencing homelessness (PEH) with resources to help them get off the streets and into permanent housing.
  • It can also help local business owners and residents report their concerns about the impact of homelessness on their lives/businesses.
  • Crime: The center can help residents report crimes and get connected with victim services.
  • Public safety: The center can help residents learn about safety tips and get connected with law enforcement.

The Dispatch Center is also intended to be a place where residents can come together to build community and advocate for positive change in Hollywood. The center will host a variety of events and programs, including:

  • Community meetings: The center hosts monthly community meetings where residents can share their concerns and ideas for improving Hollywood.
  • Volunteer opportunities: The center offers a variety of volunteer opportunities where residents can get involved in their community.
  • Educational programs: The center offers a variety of educational programs on topics such as homelessness, crime, and public safety.

We couldn't be prouder of Kathleen, and all the Partnership’s dedicated team members, for their tireless efforts bringing this fantastic new resource to fruition. And what a treat to see so much of the community (and news outlets!) who turned out last night to show their support!

To learn more about the Dispatch Center or to get involved, please visit www.hollywoodpartnership.org